Mentoring young girls creates hope

Updated: Sep 5, 2021

Being a person who loves to blend into the crowd, not being the center of attention, and being the first to speak of anything would terrify me, which is why I was a bit hesitant to help out at Hope For Youth when Marizaan asked me. When I gave my heart to God, I was thinking about how I can make a difference at church, wanting to become involved,

I suggested to one of my friends that we should join the youth (not wanting to go alone).

After remembering that, I decided to go and help. Although I was nervous and unsure of what to expect, it was the most amazing & liberating experience of my entire life. Prayer and speaking in public no longer frightened me. Being in God's presence and talking about Him was an indescribable experience. I felt at home, I felt like I belonged there. Hope For Youth is making a difference in the lives of girls trying to figure out their lives, and since I've been a member I have grown to be a better leader, a better person, and most importantly a better Christian.

It has been an enjoyable experience working with these girls. From sad moments to happy ones. Having heard all their stories, I was able to relate to most of them, and seeing God use me to motivate and bring them closer to God has given me a sense of purpose.

My mere presence & listening to a girl express those personal feelings allowed me to realize how selfish I had been living in fear and not walking in God's will. Having joined Hope For Youth and interacting with the girls & giving advice, I've realized how much I need advice myself & the phrase "practice what you preach" is no longer just a phrase, but a reality & something I'm striving to achieve.

I look forward to making many more memories & making a difference in many more girls' lives as they have in mine.

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