Cellphone addiction may cause lack of attention and concentration. Limit screen time

At Hope for youth SA, we have a "no cellphone and no social media" rule during our training for the full duration of the training. The reason for this is that kids get distracted by their cellphones and automatically do not listen and ultimately don't learn.

There has been done extensive research on the amount of dopomine that gets released and ultimately causes cellphone addition as it releases a feelgood hormone. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that makes you feel good. Our brains are designed to release dopamine when we do something that meets a survival need, like eating or having sex. Countless studies have shown that phone activity causes the release of dopamine in our brains, making us feel aroused, motivated, and happy.

We have come across this awesome video that explains the serious effects a cellphone can have up unto worklife or adulthood. Simon Sinek the international motivational speaker says "Parents have to intervene, we have to start limiting free access to social media for kids"

Tip: Try and limit the amount of time yourself and your child spends on the cellphone and be specific about the timeframes cellphones must be used at home, school or in public. Ensure there are rules for example... no cellphones at the dinner table or no cellphone under the pillow while sleeping and even no cellphone in the bathroom rule.

Remember cellphone addition has long term affects on brain development and memory.

If you want some more information or tips you may email admin@hopeforyouthsouthafrica.co.za

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